March 28, 2019 — Blue Water Ventures International, Inc. (OTCPK:BWVI) and Endurance Exploration Group, Inc (OTCPK:EXPL) announced today that preparations for field operations for 2019 are well under way. Multiple vessels with technical personnel and dive teams will be deployed to the Carolina's in the 2ndQuarter which coincides with the return of good weather to the region.

Initial field operations will include a thorough archeological study of the area in and around the site of the SS North Carolina, a paddle wheeler steamship that was lost in 1840.  The SS North Carolina is similar in many respects to the SS Pulaski, they were both built around the same time, sank only two years apart, were both involved in the packet trade, they traveled the same routes, serviced the same types and classes of clientele, and would have carried similar cargoes of age and quality. 

Keith Webb, CEO of BWVI, states "These are very exciting times and we are looking forward to a successful season."

In addition, BWVI will launch an intense survey on 12 wrecksite locations the Company purchased GPS coordinates on several years ago. These surveys will include side scan and magnetometer sensing in mid-April and will be completed by mid-May, weather permitting. 

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The Company is engaged in the business of conductingarchaeologically-sensitive recoveries of cargo and artifacts from shipwrecks.Its operations to date have focused on shallow water search and recoveryprojects in less than 150 feet of water. The Company is now expanding its focusto include deep-water salvage of historic and modern-day shipwrecks. For moreinformation go to

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Endurance Exploration Group, Inc. specializes in historic shipwreck research, subsea search, survey and recovery of lost ship containing valuable cargoes.  Over the last 5 years, Endurance hasdeveloped a research database of over 1,400 ships that are known to be lostwith valuable cargoes in the world oceans.  For more information go to

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