About Us

Welcome to the Adventure!

Few adventures are more enticing to the imagination than the search for and discovery of sunken shipwrecks filled with lost treasures and tales of history and human drama. This is the work that the exploration team of Blue Water Ventures does every day, on some of the most important and exciting shipwreck sites in the world.

Combining the best of entrepreneurial enterprise and a passion for preserving the past, Blue Water has achieved worldwide prominence since its’ founding in 2005 by finance industry expert W. Keith Webb.

During its developmental years, Blue Water Ventures engaged in successful search and recovery of the 1622 fleet galleon Santa Margarita located near Key West, Florida. Utilizing proprietary new technologies, the Blue Water Ventures team was able to expand the existing search area and recovered more than $16 million in rare and extraordinary treasures and artifacts from the widely dispersed shipwreck trail. 

In addition to the Florida Keys, the Blue Water team has worked on projects off the coast of the Republic of Panama, the Florida treasure coast, and ventured into deeper waters off the coasts of North and South Carolina. 

Utilizing historic archival research data to identify targets, and advanced technology such as magnetic and acoustic sensing tools and remotely operated vehicles to explore and recover them, BWVI will conduct operations independently as well as in select joint-venture arrangements with associate exploration firms, as is deemed favorable for its shareholders.

Through the application of historic research, advanced technology, and the combined skills of a world-class team of professionals, Blue Waters’ mission is to locate and recover historic sunken ships whose cargos offer material, intellectual, and social rewards. Our goal is to be the best in the field.

Blue Water Ventures is committed to the mission of responsible and cooperative exploration of our shared marine environment through industry best practices and standards, open dissemination of knowledge, transparency of intent, and international cooperation. 

Come join our adventure!

W. Keith Webb