Ghost Fleet

The Ghost Fleet Project is targeting richly laden ships that were lost in deep water in the Florida Straits over the past 450 years. This project has been years in development and is the culmination of extensive efforts in a variety of scientific arenas, including; detailed historical research in record repositories throughout the United States and Europe, computer simulations of wind, wave and storm patterns, compilation of anecdotal information from divers and fishermen, and correlation of all scientific data with known shipwreck locations.


For centuries ships transported the wealth of the Americas back to Europe. Over the years navigators learned the easiest way back to Europe was to follow the powerful Gulf Stream current which took them past the Florida Keys and up through the Florida Straights; the narrow body of water separating Florida and the Bahamas. Once past these areas ships could plot a course across the Atlantic and back to Europe.

Hurricanes and Northeasters regularly come through this region creating huge seas and devastating winds. When these conditions collide with the powerful Gulf Stream current ocean waves can grow to mountainous proportions. Once in the grip of these powerful forces ships were helpless as they were driven by the winds and blown ashore against the coast of Florida which is evidenced by the countless shipwrecks lying in Florida waters.

The storms in this area can be so devastating that entire fleets were lost at a time. The Great Spanish Treasure Fleets of 1622, 1715 and 1733 were destroyed and scattered their treasure along Florida’s coast. Treasures from these ships are still being found to this day.

Ghost Fleet Ships

While untold numbers of ships were lost along Florida’s coast, many more ships were not so lucky. These ships were lost out at sea and never made it far enough to wreck on the coast. Witnesses on board ships that survived these powerful storms often recounted stories of other ships in their fleet that were capsized by ferocious winds and monstrous waves, while others were simply ripped apart and disappeared beneath the waves. Individual ships traveling alone never made their destination and went missing without a trace. These are the ships being targeted by the Ghost Fleet Project. 

Recent Operations

Survey operations on the Ghost Fleet began last week in an area that research indicates one or more of these wrecks may be located. Our survey team, while using our side scan sonar system has already begun locating unidentified targets.

As our surveys team expands into other areas our dive teams will be investigating the various targets that we have identified to determine whether they are of value to the Company. We will be continuing this methodical process as the Ghost Fleet Project move forward. These efforts are dependent upon other things, local weather conditions and our ability to raise the proceeds needed to finance our efforts.