Santa Margarita Pearls

Conjoined pearls are an incredibly rare phenomenon. A beautiful, 4-way conjoined pearl, even more rare. Discovered in a lead box hidden under the sea for 400 years, this natural 3.34 Carat Weight pearl was presented to the designers at the Bradford James Company for their inspiration.

Immediately seeing the form of a caterpillar, the vision for the “Butterfly in Motion” pendant was born. The butterfly’s body consists of platinum and 18K pink, green and yellow gold.  The delicate wings of the butterfly are adorned with sapphires, topaz, citrine, tourmaline and three different colors of garnet. Particularly noteworthy; the pearl used for this butterfly’s body is thought to be one of the oldest examples of its species, coming from a now extinct mollusk.

The “Butterfly in Motion” pendant is the debut piece in a soon to be released collection of jewelry designed around these rare pearls found at the bottom of the ocean. These designs are the exclusive creation of the Bradford James Company.