September 26, 2018 -Jacksonville, Florida - Project partners Blue Water Ventures International, (OTCPK:BWVI) and Endurance Exploration Group, (OTC:EXPL) offer our heartfelt thoughts and well wishes to our friends and neighbors in Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach, NC. during the continued recovery efforts from Hurricane Florence.

In other developments, the US Courts have awarded title to more than 50 rare coins that were recovered during our winter operations from the Steamboat Pulaski, which sank in 1838. More than 500 gold and silver coins have been recovered from the wreck. All are currently being conserved by Numismatic Conservation Services (NCS) and graded by their affiliate, Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). NCS and NGC are world leaders in expert coin conservation and grading, respectively.

A number of the coins recovered from the wreck are extremely rare and are highly valued by collectors. After conservation by NCS and grading by NGC, they will be securely encapsulated in tamper-evident NGC holders with labels bearing their descriptions, conditions and historic pedigree.
“NCS and NGC are honored to have been selected to conserve, grade and protect these coins,” says Mark Salzberg, chairman of NCS and NGC. “Their history and provenance, coupled with their rarity and condition, will make them prized by collectors.”

In addition to the coins, several beautiful and ornate pocket watches have been recovered. These watches display the meticulous detail and painstaking precision of the craftsmen of the day. One watch chain and fob has been fabricated from fine stippled gold and ends with an intricately designed hand wrought wire charm. “We’ve just scratched the surface on the Pulaski recovery, we expected the rare coins, but the pocket watches have been a total surprise. Each trip to the site reveals a little more of the Pulaski secrets.” States Keith Webb of Blue Water Ventures (BWVI)

Endurance Exploration Group (EXPL) operating through its JV Partnership Sword Fish Partners expects the Federal Admiralty Court to adjudicate title to the additional recoveries within the coming days. Micah Eldred, President of Endurance Exploration Group adds, “We have been very pleased with the project success to date, our partnership has performed well, the court process has been timely and smooth, and we look forward to additional Pulaski finds and recoveries in the coming months”

About Blue Water Ventures International, Inc.:

The Company is engaged in the business of conducting archaeologically-sensitive recoveries of cargo and artifacts from shipwrecks. Its operations to date have focused on shallow water search and recovery projects in less than 150 feet of water. The Company is now expanding its focus to include deep-water salvage of historic and modern-day shipwrecks. For more information go to http://www.bwvint.com

About Endurance Exploration Group, Inc.:

Endurance Exploration Group, Inc. specializes in historic shipwreck research, subsea search, survey and recovery of lost ship containing valuable cargoes. Over the last 5 years, Endurance has developed a research database of over 1,400 ships that are known to be lost with valuable cargoes in the world oceans. For more information go to http://www.expl.com.

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