Blue Water Ventures International has Begun a Technology Testing and Integration Initiative with Bakhtar Technologies

JACKSONVILLE, FL--(Marketwired - June 6, 2017) - Blue Water Ventures International, Inc. (the "Company") (OTC PINK: BWVI) announced today that it has begun a Technology Testing and Integration Initiative with Bakhtar Technologies, LLC to adapt its proprietary radar technology for use in the marine recovery industry.  BakhtarRadar was originally developed for explosive ordinance detection with initial funding provided by the US Air Force with further funding from the US Department of Defense, Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).

BakhtarRadar represents a breakthrough in remote sensing. It can detect, locate and 3D-image buried and submerged targets at long distances. The technology operates on material composition, instead of density or magnetism, permitting operation on ferrous and non-ferrous metallic objects in seawater and under the sea bed. The technology has also proven to be equally effective on objects composed of synthetic or organic materials.

"We are excited to work with Blue Water Ventures," said Mr. David Steinman, Bakhtar's VP for Business Development. "We see some great synergy here."

The Company and Bakhtar Technologies will cooperate in testing and implementing this new technology in the marine recovery industry with the goal of increasing the efficiency, safety, environmental friendliness and profitability of marine salvage operations. "Blue Water has continued to search for new technology that will make underwater survey more efficient," states Keith Webb, President and CEO of BWVI. "BakhtarRadar looks very promising. I would also like to recognize all of our BWVI shareholders that continue to financially support the Company's effort to test and develop technologies like Bakhtar.

If the outcome of the tests is conclusive the Company will enter a definitive agreement with Bakhtar Technologies.

About Blue Water Ventures International, Inc.:

The Company is engaged in the business of conducting archaeologically-sensitive recoveries of cargo and artifacts from shipwrecks. Its operations to date have focused on shallow water search and recovery projects in less than 150 feet of water. The Company is now expanding its focus to include deep-water salvage of historic and modern-day shipwrecks. For more information go to

About Bakhtar Technologies:

<p style="text-align: justify">Bakhtar Technologies, LLC is a defense R&D company headquartered in New York specializing in geomechanics and electromagnetics. It has managed some of the most challenging national and private projects of the last four decades. Bakhtar Technologies has developed, prototyped and field-tested BakhtarRadar, a novel remote sensing technology with applications in multiple industries.

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